Actions we are taking

  • Our cleaner wears appropriate PPE equipment

  • All surfaces & items are sanitised with anti-viral disinfectant

  • All non-essential items which are difficult to clean are removed

  • Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer or liquid soap is provided for guests to use during their stay.
  • We adhere to government guidelines on reporting and managing potential infection cases.

Actions we request guests to take

  • Should any of the party of visitors develop symptoms of covid-91 just before coming, that is fever, dry cough or loss of taste or smell, then you should cancel the holiday immediately.

  • Should any of the party develop symptoms whilst on holiday you must inform us and make arrangement to leave as soon as possible.

  • In order to allow more time for full decontamination between guests we are asking guests not to arrive before 5.00pm on their first day and to leave by 9.00am on their last day.

We hope you will understand these measures are in place for the protection of all concerned and will not impact adversely on a relaxing holiday in the most beautiful place on earth.